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The Lilly Weston Committee are volunteers from the Westlake Historical Society who are dedicated to the preservation and future use of this unique historic resource. Our members share a love of history and come from varied professions and walks of life including an historical society board members, architect, retired professor, and a high school student to name a few. We have been meeting monthly since January, 2016 and in our first two years, a lot has been accomplished.


With the assistance of Westlake High School student, Carolyn Bedell, who was working on her Girl Scout Gold Award project, we now have this website that is devoted to telling the story of the Lilly Weston House: its history, efforts for its preservation, community involvement in its future redevelopment as a museum and community resource. She also wrote three articles about the project.

Also stemming from the Gold Award project, the committee participates annually in the Westlake Historical Society Antique Show and the Westlake Fall Festival. These are important opportunities to get the word out about the Lilly Weston House and what can be done to save it to audiences who may otherwise not know about it.




Partnering with the City, a structural engineering report was completed in 2017.  It details the improvements needed in the interior to improve the home's safety so it can be opened to the public for tours. More specifically, the report provides information regarding interior repairs to the structure and provides specifications and cost estimates that the committee will use to pursue those repairs while preserving as much of the original 1840s structure as possible, so future generations may learn about past building techniques.

In December, 2016, the committee took a field trip to the Lakewood Historical Society's Oldest Stone House, built in 1834 to learn about their efforts in preserving it for a for museum. Attendees learned about efforts to save and restore the home and how it is being used today. They also took many photos of architectural details, such as woodwork, fireplace, and staircase that will be useful in understanding how our old stone house may have looked originally.

Photo courtesy of the Westlake Bay Village Observer

Photo courtesy of the Westlake Bay Village Observer

In September 2017, the Heritage Trail was completed.  This Eagle Scout Project by Boy Scout Troup 664 member, Noah Furin, connected the grounds of the Lilly Weston House with the Westlake Recreation path via a gravel walking path through the woods.

The final project in November 2017 was to have the property surveyed and staked along the property line between the Lilly Weston House and the private residence to the east.  This will allow for a future scout project to construct a split rail fence along this property line.

Currently in the works is a strategy to address the existing and future needs for this project in a phased plan that can be implemented over time as funding becomes available. This will eventually involve the Westlake citizens and stakeholders as we work towards a vision for what the Lilly Weston House may become in terms of community interest and needs. This will follow closely after the structural analysis report is completed, so check back to this website for future updates. We may have some exciting small projects to announce in the coming months too.


If you would like to be involved with this committee please contact us via email or through our Facebook Page.