When restored, the Westlake Historical Society plans on using the Lilly Weston House as a museum, to be used similarly to the Clague House Museum. The Lilly Weston House is in desperate need of restoration, as the conditions of the floors are not safe for public use, as well as other problems. The Lilly Weston House is now being used as storage for the Westlake Historical Society and the Clague House.

You can donate to our cause using the Paypal link here or become a volunteer!

Click here to view a presentation on the history of the home and ongoing restoration project

Interior Shots of the Lilly Weston House, showing disastrous and potentially dangerous water and age damage.



In the fall of 2017 a fundraising campaign was initiated to raise funds for the continued restoration of Lilly Weston.

The donation categories include: “Beam” $1,000; “Joist” $500; “Stud” $250; “Weston” $100; “Lilly” $50.

Donors as of 5/24/18:

  • “Beam” -  Ken & Harriet Coeling, Nordson Corporation
  • “Joist” -  Darlene Robinson
  • "Stud" - William Krause
  • “Weston” -  Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bellm, Bob Myers, Mike Maloney
  • “Lilly” -  Dave Pfister & Lysa Stanton, Jan Schmitt

Thank you all so much for supporting our cause!